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Harley-Davidson Daymaker LED Headlights

Always ride on the bright side of life with Daymaker™ LED reflector lamps

Be Safe, Be Seen

If you like to ride long into the night and have maximum visibility in the day then the new LED lights are a must-have item for your motorcycle. Released back in September, we’ve had a few months to test the new bulbs and we’ve heard some great things from you guys! These headlights will fit most models most years - click the pictures below to get a quote for your bike.

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The DOT and ECE approved LED light produces a daylight colour for superior visibility and focuses light exactly where you need it to provide:

1 – Clarity and direction of beam

Many other lamps waste light energy when the beam bounces off in directions that are useless to the rider i.e. up to the sky. The new LED lights pack a stronger and more direct punch!

2 – Superior visibility and depth of light

These brilliant LED lamps produce a bright-white beam that lights up the surroundings and draws the attention of surrounding traffic.

3 – Daylight effect

The natural “daylight” lamp colour is easy on your eyes and is “tuned” to enhance and amplify the reflective character of highway signs and lane markers.

4 – Easy installation

The installation process is simple. The long-life, solid-state LED lamps are housed in sealed shock and vibration-resistant lamp assemblies that mount into the existing light housing. The plug-in lamps require no external ballast or complicated rewiring.