Harley-Davidson Performance Accessories


Looking for more from your Harley? We can make it happen!

There are five stages of Screamin’ Eagle® performance upgrades. We are here to help you make the decision that best fits your motorcycle performance needs.

Extensive research and development goes into every Screamin Eagle® performance product prior to production. They are engineered and tested to meet Harley-Davidson® standards for quality, performance, durability and dependability. They are also street performance compliant and retain motorcycle factory warranty. 

To discuss the options for your bike pop in or call us on 0333 240 5888. Or you can drop an email to our Custom Specialist,  Stuart Conway, by clicking here.

Stage Kit Options

STAGE I : Upgrading to a high-flow air cleaner and exhaust and properly tuning your motorcycle for the new combination typically results in a 10-15% improvement in horsepower (HP) and torque. 

What's involved?

Air Flow

High Flow Air Cleaner

Screamin Eagle Pro Tuner

Screamin' Eagle® Pro Tuner

Performance Exhausts

Performance Exhausts



Good vibrations...

Now time for some inspiration. We have a catalogue of YouTube videos available on our channel which we would recommend you have a look at to get your creative juices flowing! For now, we have a few listed here.

Play with sound...   


Sportster Iron - Stage 1

Stage 1 Screamin' Eagle Pro Tuner, Rail Collection Air Cleaner & Kuraykn Crusher slip on pipes. 



Dyna Low Rider - Stage 1 

Screamin Eagle Pro Tuner, Screamin Eagle Heavy Breather Air Intake and Vance & Hines Big Radius Pipes



CVO Softail Breakout - Jekill & Hyde Slip Ons

Manual override fitted to switch from loud pipe setting to standard.
Road legal and perfect for touring in European countries with noise restriction laws. 




More, more, more?

Stage II

Stage II 

Adding high-performance cams to the Stage I Kit equates to a Stage II bolt-in upgrade. Stage II requires a limited amount of engine disassembly and results in an additional 5-10% improvement in mid-RPM range torque and often a high-RPM HP increase. This is a great, cost-effective performance upgrade if you ride two-up.

Stage III

Stage III

Take the Stage II upgrade, add high-compression pistons and you now have a Stage III Kit. This increase in engine compression delivers a noticeable and sustained torque improvement at cruising speed. HP also typically increases 15-20% over stock with this upgrade. An additional level of engine disassembly is required since the top end needs to be removed.

Stage IV

Stage IV

Building on Stage III, the Stage IV Kit adds high-RPM HP necessities like CNC-ported cylinder heads and a large bore throttle body. This upgrade provides all the torque of a Stage III, but also adds high-RPM HP. This package typically yields a 30% increase in HP and 15% increase in torque compared to stock. Engine disassembly is only slightly more than the Stage III upgrade.

Stage V

Stage V

If the Stage IV is still not enough performance, the all-new Stage V Tyre Shredder Kit adds an engine displacement increase to 110 cubic inches without requiring additional engine disassembly over and above the Stage IV upgrade. This equates to a 38% increase in HP and an 18% increase in torque that carries on through the RPM range.