Harley-Davidson® Harley Detail & Protect Kit

Part No: 93600057A
Brand: Harley-Davidson®
Harley-Davidson® Harley Detail & Protect Kit

Detail & Protect Kit includes the essentials to make your bike shine. Glaze™ Poly Sealant protects against fading and the oxidizing effects of acid rain and harsh airborne pollutants. The durable, breathable, clear poly sealant with UV protection is safe for use on most painted and chrome-plated surfaces. (Not for use on matte, semi-gloss and wrinkle finish surfaces.) Biodegradable. Gloss Detailer spray delivers a high-gloss finish in the shortest amount of time. Use on paint, chrome, vinyl, plastic and windshields for added UV protection. Biodegradable. Chrome Clean & Shine non-abrasive cleaner is formulated to deliver maximum shine on chrome-plated surfaces. Scratch & Swirl Repair cream removes fine scratches and swirls from gloss paint in one step. Disposable Detailing Soft Cloths protect painted surfaces and minimize lint while waxing and polishing. Microfiber Detailing Cloth is soft and durable for detailing, cleaning or buffing. The washable cloth can be used wet or dry and is safe for use on all surfaces and finishes. Detailing Swabs feature plush tips and flexible 8" shafts for detailing hard-to-reach places.

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