Harley-Davidson® Color Shop Limited Series - Nightmare

Part No: 29200102ECT
Brand: Harley-Davidson®
Harley-Davidson® Color Shop Limited Series - Nightmare

Road Glide Fairing Air Duct - Experience your first total eclipse. When the planets align and the moon blocks the sun, day turns to night with a flash. The high-contrast shadows will drift across the brilliant vista, and as totality approaches, you will be rewarded with the warm glow of the Sun's corona. It's an astonishing site to behold. And now you can live it every day. When viewed on its own, the gloss white and black surfaces of the Solar Eclipse paint design create a stark visual conflict. But when you roll it into the sunlight, the look is harmonized with warm tones provided by a light wash of bronze pearl clear. This is the perfect finish for your custom Street Glide or Road Glide model. Limited availability - only 400 sets will be offered. See your dealer today.

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