Harley-Davidson® Boom! Audio full Helmet premium music and communications Headset

Part No: 77117-10
Brand: Harley-Davidson®
Price £196.20
Boom! Audio full Helmet premium music and communications Headset

This comfortable headset is designed to allow full communication function while wearing a .75 or full-face helmet. The stylish plug module clamps to the base of the helmet and positions the adjustable wind sock-equipped boom microphone for the best sound quality. Great-sounding foam-covered stereo earphones comfortably fit into ear pockets in the helmet and the fine wires are easy to hide beneath the helmet liner for a clean installation. The quick-disconnect plug allows you to step away from the motorcycle without removing the helmet and the coiled cord permits freedom of movement in the saddle. The 7-pin DIN plug can be connected to the front and rear communications ports, allowing both rider and passenger access to the music, navigation and voice communications features of your motorcycle and the microphone has been optimized for superior clarity when connected to Harley-Davidson® intercom and Bike-to-Bike communications equipment.

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