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Harley-Davidson LONG LOGO GREY Mens Dealer T-Shirt (Part # R313300080)
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LONG LOGO GREY Mens Dealer T-Shirt



West Coast Harley-Davidson Dealer T-Shirt, featuring our brand new and unique Glasgow, Scotland custom backprint!

Backprint portrays Ben Lomond 974 metres (3196 ft) situated on the eastern shore of Loch Lomond, which is one of the most southerly of the Munros.

Red deer are the largest deer living in Britain and are mainly found roaming the hills in northern Scotland.

Highland cattle with their long horns & flowing coats have a long and distinguished ancestry.   They have thrived where no other cattle could exist on vast areas of poor mountain land with high annual rainfall & bitter winds.

The flag of Scotland, also known as St Andrew’s cross or the Saltire is the national flag of Scotland. According to legend, the Christian apostle & martyr Saint Andrew, the patron Saint of Scotland was crucified on a X-shaped cross